Friday, March 9, 2012

What to look for in here ...

Hi Everyone who is B.A.D there...
     If  you are a B.A.D..  BAD BAD  person.. this is the right place for u.
     Let me warn you about what the B.A.D stands for...

                                           Blackberry Application Developer

 Honestly , we must have been bad ppl in the last  birth( if u  believe in karma)..  why else would we be spending  an entire day on  adjusting the padding of a text field so that it appears on the same position  on all BB devices, whilst a iphone developer does it in seconds.. n not to mention the time consumed for the debugger to attach onto device..  I usually go for a coffee break while waitin for it to happen...

Well, having said that this web log is primarily targeted to address these woes of Blackberry Application Developers.. the B.A.D ppl in short... that's what  I am gonna refer to us here on..
This is how we can make this work...

I will make an entry of each problem faced and solved in the development arena.  You can leave comments  on if it helped you., post answers to unsolved problems.

This two way  interaction will make this a very useful repository for developers both young and old.

 We have the support forums and knowledge bases , some of us are either too lazy too look in there or think probably our  doubt is too silly to be laid out in front of best BB developers.

 You can shed all your  inhibitions here.. and find answers to your simplest queries.. So lets get started...!!

P.S>  Remember the more you contribute the more u benefit..
P.P.S >Strictly for BB developers....


  1. good..all the best for your blog


  2. thank you.. looking forward for ur contributions too

  3. i have a problem tooo!!! i want this silly bb developer who is the suthor of this chennai to come to my houseee sooonn!! go on give me a solution nowww!!! :)